Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

New Motor Honda Absolute Revo

Honda does not fulfill his promise to remove the motor again with 100cc engine, so yes it's still the era gini pake 100cc, REVO, including new products that are directly created new version, this new REVO Absolute REVO has officially become the latest products from Honda at the beginning of the year 2009.

Views REVO new body is more robust and large engines using the new generation engine 110 cc 4 tak SOHC berteknologi EFT (Low friction efficient Technology) and the power of superior in acceleration, but more economical 20% of the other competitors in the 110cc class. REVO 110 also includes baggage and U-box with a 4.7 liter, Sprocket chain stopper is a component of the security barrier to protect a chain wheel, battery-free, dry treatment, other than the Absolute REVO has New Automatic Shutter Key locking system with the cover that bermagnet automatically locked after closing its own control.

absolute REVO

Waste gas emissions is smaller than the standard set by Euro2 to be <5.5 g / km, while only 110 REVO produce emissions 2.513 g / km, while for the HC standard is Euro2 <1.29 g / km and 0.39 Nox g / km, while only 110 REVO HC of 0.706 g / km and Nox 0.118 g / km.

According to the plan Absolute REVO will be launched tomorrow (31 Jan 2009) at the Royal Plaza which will be the guest star Project Pop. program itself will begin at 10.00 am, in addition to the parade will be present also famous band from Surabaya, various games, interactive quizzes berhadiah. addition, the event will present spectacular REVO Launching on 8 February 2009 in East Point and JTV Teuku Zacky together, while on February 15 in the BG Junction akan Adly Fairuz and present on 20 February 2009 akan Nidji present.

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